Theorizing and Social Gerontology

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Vern Bengtsson


Theory is increasingly important in social gerontology. Thus it is gratifying to see the debut of a new journal that encourages theorizing about age and aging. The papers in Volume 1, number 1 of the International Journal of Ageing and Later Life reflect a concern for developing theory that is laudable. I hope that in the future researchers who submit manuscripts to IJAL and the reviewers who evaluate them will share this concern for building theory. This is because we are at a tipping point, a watershed, in the development of knowledge about the social and psychological dimensions of aging.


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Bengtson, V.L. Burgess, E.O. & Parrott, T.M. (1997). Theory, explanation, and the third generation of theoretical development in social gerontology, Journals of Gerontology, B52:S72–S88.