Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Ageing and Later Life (IJAL) serves an audience interested in social and cultural aspects of ageing and later life development. As such, the Journal welcomes contributions that aim at advancing the conceptual and theoretical debates of relevance on ageing and later life research. Contributions based on empirical work as well as methodologically interested discussions are also welcome, as long as they contribute to the above-mentioned discussions. IJAL publishes primarily qualitative research,  but submissions reporting of mixed-methods studies and in some cases quantitative studies may also be considered if they are of significant interest to social and cultural gerontology . 

Being an international journal, IJAL acknowledges the need to understand the cultural diversity and context dependency of ageing and later life. The journal accepts country- or cultural-specific studies that do not necessarily include international comparisons as long as such contributions are interesting and understandable for an international audience.

IJAL publishes articles based on original research and includes a book review section, which ensures that readers are kept in touch with new work and current debate. The books listed in “Books received” are those sent to the Journal by publishers. Authors of review papers are encouraged to contact the Book Review Editor before submission.

IJAL uses a double blind review process. Submitted manuscripts are read by the editors to judge if they fit IJAL's Aims and Scope, before they are sent to at least two independent reviewers.

In order to stimulate exchange of ideas on ageing across many parts of the world, IJAL does not charge authors for their submissions and has been available free of charge to anyone with Internet access since 2006.


The International Journal of Ageing and Later Life (IJAL) is published under the auspices of Linköping University Electronic Press (LiU E-Press).

  • All authors retain the copyright for their work;
  • All academic material at IJAL is protected by Swedish copyright law;
  • IJAL has no commercial interest in an author's work;
  • The publishing agreement which all authors must sign before their work is published at IJAL, gives IJAL permission to publish the material electronically;
  • It is your responsibility as author to be aware of the copyright of any material you use in your work. This includes figures, tables, diagrams, pictures and sound and video files;
  • If you re-publish with a commercial publisher work that you have already published at IJAL, you must inform the commercial publisher that the work is already electronically published at IJAL;
  • All authors are free to publish their articles in other journals provided that the journal accepts that the author already has published the article in IJAL.
  • LiU E-Press' policy is not to delete any published material.

From volume 14(1), 2020 IJAL uses a Creative Commons: Attribution license which allows users to distribute the work and to reform or build upon it without the author's permission, even for commercial purposes. Full reference to the author must be given. For articles published 2006-2019 (volume 1-13) reuse were limited for commercial purposes. The valid license is given on each article landing page.

Please see the copy of the agreement between the author and the publisher. Two signed copies of a legal agreement between the author and the publisher must be submitted before a manuscript can be published.

See also LiU E-Press’ Copyright page for further information.

Digital archiving

The International Journal of Ageing and Later Life (IJAL) is archived at the National Library of Sweden. All Swedish governmenal agencies are obliged to deposit journal materials according to the law for legal deposit of electronic materials.